Certified Work Ready

Wild Adventures Team Member - Zoo OpsWHAT IS WORK READY?

Certified work ready is “Georgia’s transformational economic development strategy” created to ensure that workers in Georgia have the best skills, easy access to training and world-class job opportunities. 

Wild Adventures has taken part in the worker certification program, a key element that is considered the backbone of this initiative. The worker certification program will assess real world skills and provide valuable job training to applicants and returning team members. This program will make for a better Wild Adventures as we increase the skill set of our future/current team members.

 Benefits for our Team Members

Benefits for Wild Adventures

Benefits for our Community

Ability to demonstrate essential skills needs to perform the job Assurance our employees have the right skill sets for our jobs Proof we have a qualified workforce to fill current/future jobs
Valuable job training opportunities Improve hiring procedures Economic Growth Opportunities
Better understanding of the job’s requirements Reduce turnover and training costs  
Opportunities for advancement and promotion Increased productivity of our workforce  

The test can be taken at Wiregrass Technical College. Visit www.gaworkready.org for more information.

Review the online schedule at Valdosta Technical College and follow the instructions for scheduling the test. The test will take approximately 3-4 hours (computer-based tends to take longer). Scores will be given immediately at the end of the test for computer-based test. Scores for paper/pencil examinations can be provided the same day or the next, just not immediately after completing the test. The Work Ready Certificate will be mailed.

Georgia Certified Work Ready is sponsored by the state of Georgia. There is no cost to take the test or participate in the program.